Is Covid-19 Back Again? PMO Emergency Meeting Today to Review Situation

Nearly after the three-year, the Chinese authorities lifted the lockdown in their country. The Covid-19 cases only rose again after a month.

On Monday, the number of reported corona cases was 2,772, compared to Tuesday, more than 3000 corona cases.


As per the reports from the National Health Commission (NHC), the number of reported deaths was 5,241 due to Covid in China.

All you need to know about the Covid-19 increment in China:

On Monday, the number of reported corona cases was 2,772 cases. In contrast, on Tuesday, 21st December, 3,101 cases were reported.

In total, there were 3,049 new reported local cases on Tuesday. More than 393 Monday. Currently, 386,276 corona cases are reported in the country, with symptoms.

On Monday, China witnessed five deaths. However, no new deaths from Covid-19 were reported on Tuesday.


According to a few reports, The country is at risk of losing 2 million lives due to the surge in corona cases.

A few World Health Organization (WHO) stated it might be “too early to declare the end of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency phase because of a potentially devastating wave to come in China.”

In the viral tweet of Eric Feigl-Ding, a top scientist stated that “over 60 percent of China’s and ten percent of the Earth’s population will presumably be infected over the following ninety days and that the deaths will probably be in the millions.

Zero – Covid policy of China amid the Covid-19 surge

The government of China has started to ease their strict policy. On Wednesday, China’s National Health Commission decided to scale down its corona case  reports on Covid. This is due to the impossible determination of the virus in the number of asymptomatic infected people.

Covid-19 test

The reports only consider people who are confirmed cases through the authorized public testing places.

However, the relaxation of the policy has made it hard to determine the actual number of corona cases in the China.

Social Media’s response to China’s Covid-19 condition

This situation has created havoc among the people. Twitter users of India have suggested issuing a travel ban to China. At the same time, others want the government to be prepared for any upcoming troublesome situations.

Author Karan Verma wrote that we should Immediately take action to ban travelling to China. #COVID preparedness must start now. We can’t have a repeat of 2021 at any cost,”

After the surge of cases of Covid in China, Mansukh Mandaviya, Union health minister, called for a brief meeting on Wednesday to discuss the Covid-19 situation in India.

The latest news coming down from the center is today PMO has called an emergency meeting at 3:30 PM to discuss and analyze the current situation of Covid in India. We will bring you the key highlights from today’s meeting.

We hope you all stay safe and have a healthy new year 2023!

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