‘Your area, our blast’, masked men attacked a car full of wedding party members, the groom was beaten with sticks

MP Crime News: ‘Ilaka Tumhara Dhamaka Hamara’, you must have heard this dialogue many times but a news from Maheshwar got viral where unknown people attacked a wedding procession and injured the groom. Complaint of the matter reached the police, when police investigated, it was found that the entire matter was about inter-caste marriage. 

At the same time, the miscreants also pasted a poster on the vehicle of the wedding procession which they broke, on which was written ‘Your area, our blast’.

40 baraatis were going to the bride’s village with the groom
There was a commotion in the wedding procession when unknown masked miscreants ambushed the procession. Many people including the groom were injured in this incident. This shocking incident took place near Gujar Mohana village when about 40 baraatis were travelling in five vans of the procession and they were going from Choli village to the bride’s village Sajni.

Choli resident Vikas Thakur said that we had left from Choli with 40 baraatis, which included women and children. The groom Balram Yadav was also with us. As soon as we reached near Sajni village, about 35-40 masked people attacked our vehicles. They had wrapped yellow towels on their faces, due to which it was difficult to identify them.

Women and children were also attacked
The attackers, armed with thick sticks, sickles and other weapons, attacked the groom Balram Yadav, causing serious head injuries to him. After regaining consciousness at the Mandleshwar Community Health Center, Balram said that the miscreants attacked me from behind and kept hitting me until I fainted.

Even women and children participating in the procession were not spared. The attackers fired weapons indiscriminately, injuring many people. The attackers also looted jewellery from women and caused a lot of damage to vehicles. The windshield and body of the car were also vandalised.

Mandleshwar police said that after the incident, the victims were given first aid at the Mandleshwar Community Health Center and the complainants were sent to Maheshwar police station for further action. Officials have started investigating the attack.

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