You won’t be able to understand it in one go, look carefully, you might have never seen such tyres, people are liking this video!

Everyone wants strong tires in their car. If you have had the experience of your car’s tire getting punctured on an unknown road, then you must be one of those people who want their car’s tires to be stronger than stone. It is not surprising that the names of many tire manufacturing companies are related to the word stone. But the tires are not made of stone because then they will slow down the speed of the car. But a unique video is going viral in which the tire is made of stone, or maybe it seems to be?

This video went viral on social media, hardly anyone would have understood what it is for the first time. In this, at the beginning of the video, a green car with white tires is seen. In the beginning it is asked above how many miles will I be able to go with this tyre.

When seen from a distance it first appears as if there is snow on a tyre. But when the camera gets closer, a person is found touching the tire and looking at it. It turns out that it is a stone tyre. The driver of the vehicle shows this by giving a sharp accelerator to the tire without moving the vehicle forward.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 13, 2024, 15:02 IST

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