‘You will give gifts worth lakhs, only then will children be born’, the girl declared, if you want to get married, then come after thinking this much!

It is generally said that marriage and having children is an emotional decision but times have changed a lot these days. Women have become very clear about what kind of life they want for themselves and they also talk about it. Recently a girl claimed that giving birth to a child is not a free job for her.

According to the New York Post report, 26-year-old Nora Talal says that the conditions for marriage and pregnancy are clear for her. If you have money and can spend lakhs, then only come to me. Nora has announced through social media that she is still single but she wants to marry a man who has the capacity to fulfill all her demands.

‘Giving birth to a child is an expensive thing’
Nora, who lives in London, has said that she wants a gift of at least $1000 (Rs 83,479) whenever she gives birth to a child. This can be a designer handbag or even shoes. She will need a private room for care after pregnancy and then a three-bedroom house to bring the child home. This house should also be in or around London. She also demands that her husband should come with her for baby classes so that both of them can learn to take care of the child.

The list of demands is long
Nora says that to get back in shape after the birth of the child, she will also need a personal trainer, whose expenses will have to be borne by her husband. After the birth of the child, she will not work until the child is 4-5 years old, so all her expenses will have to be borne. Nora, a tech sales worker by profession, says that she is only asking for things that she can do for herself. People have given different reactions to this demand of Nora. Some users called her demanding, while some users said that she is doing the right thing.

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