Yogi government will plant 17 lakh plants in Varanasi to protect from extreme heatwave |

Varanasi News Today: This time, the Yogi government is going to launch a mega campaign with the aim of planting as many trees as possible in Varanasi district. According to the information received, for the purpose of environmental protection, on the instructions of CM Yogi, preparations have been completed to plant more than 17 lakh saplings in all the urban and rural areas of Varanasi district.

Actually, this campaign is being started especially because this time the temperature in Varanasi district was more than 47 degrees, due to which the general life of the people appeared completely miserable. Due to the lack of trees, the increasing effect of heat was directly seen in the district and the surrounding areas.

“Peepal, Banyan, Arjun Jamun and Drumstick Plants will be planted”

According to the information given by Swati, District Forest Officer of Varanasi district, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken steps to make the air of Purvanchal more pure and A plan has been prepared to plant as many trees as possible with the aim of increasing the amount of oxygen. The target is to plant about 16 lakh 97 thousand plants in Varanasi district, which includes plants of Drumstick, Peepal, Pakkad, Banyan, Arjun, Jamun, Amla, Guava, Mango, Teak Sheesham etc. In this, the Forest Department alone will plant 2,80,000 plants, while a target of planting 14,17,520 plants has been set by 26 different departments.

This time the effect of record heat and sunshine was seen in Varanasi district. After which the general life of the people appeared completely miserable. People also agreed that it is very important to start a war level tree plantation campaign as soon as possible. Apart from this, people are feeling the effect of heat more because of the places where trees have been cut for construction work. This mega campaign related to tree plantation will be started by the UP government in Varanasi and other districts in a few days.

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