World’s most expensive cow Viatina-19 egg to come to India from Brazil, know price details

World’s Most Expensive Cow: Viatina 19… This is not the name of any medicine or spacecraft but a cow. Yes, this is the world’s most expensive cow. These days it is in the fields of Brazil and now its egg is about to come to India. After coming to India, cows of this species will be produced here too. In Brazil, armed security guards have been deployed along with CCTV cameras for the security of the Viatina cow. The price of the cow is so high that about 68 new Fortuner cars of the top model can be bought with that amount. The milky white cow is the most expensive cow ever sold in an auction. The price of the Viatina 19 cow is about 4.1 million dollars. This amount in Indian rupees is currently Rs 34,19,23,600.

The ‘Moo-genics’ method has been used to produce the world’s most expensive cow. That is, cloning has been done by implanting special embryos in surrogate cows. Brazil rears cattle on a large scale. It extracts milk from them and sells dairy products. Apart from this, Brazil also exports beef in large quantities, due to which it is one of the largest beef producers in the world. Brazil is now going to export the eggs of Viatina 19 cow all over the world.

Viatina cow breed will be increased in India

The cow’s owners have sold its genetics to Bolivia. Meanwhile, many countries like India, America and UAE are queuing up to buy the ovum (pre-ovum eggs) of Viatina 19. If the eggs of this cow are brought to India, a new breed of cow will be born in India. It is believed that the eggs of this cow will help in increasing the cattle population in India.

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