Without helmet, at high speed, girls rode bikes, went ahead of boys, you will be surprised to see the car driver!

You will find many boys riding bikes at high speed on the middle of the road. Such videos go viral on social media every day. There are many bikers gangs associated with them, who not only ride bikes at high speed, but also perform dangerous stunts. But very few girls participate in this type of racing. If we leave aside foreign countries, this number is even less in the country. But after watching the video we are going to show you today, you will also be surprised. In this video, 2 girls are riding bikes at high speed, but they are not even wearing helmets.

When these girls pass by the road with their racing bikes, the people around just keep watching. The person in the car turns back and looks at them. In the video, you can see two beautiful girls passing by on a bike. One is wearing a red suit, while the other girl is in a white suit. Neither of them is wearing a helmet nor any other safety equipment. With confidence on their faces, these two girls are just riding the bike very fast. As they are passing by the road, the boys left behind just keep looking back at them. Not only this, the person driving the car also turns back and looks at them.

However, after overtaking the car, both the girls are also giving looks. Although there is no number written on their bike, but after looking at the car it is known that it is a Gujarat number. This video has been shared on Instagram by Sanjana Prasad (@princi_sanju_99). In the video, Sanjana is the first one on the bike, who is a resident of Surat, Gujarat. After looking at her Instagram account, it is known that she is very fond of bike racing. She keeps posting videos of such racing every day. This video of her has received more than 4 crore 55 lakh views.

Not only this, the video has been liked by more than 3 lakh people, while thousands of comments have come. Most of the people commented on the video and expressed their objection to riding a bike without a helmet, while many people made indecent comments, after which Sanjana closed the comments section. However, this video is still going viral on social media. People are constantly watching it.

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