Wife threw a party on husband’s death, distributed gifts to guests, installed swings for children, did not mourn!

Whenever an important person leaves our life, it takes us many months and sometimes even years to accept this grief. The grief of someone leaving this world is so difficult that no one can accept it easily. Especially if the relationship with someone has been very close, then it becomes even more painful.

People often mourn after their loved ones leave this world, but a woman held a party after her husband’s death. People were seen laughing and smiling at the party and children were also seen playing. No one was shedding tears during this time and there was no wrinkle on anyone’s face. Here the atmosphere seemed more like a party than a final farewell.

Party on husband’s death
Katie Young, 40, lost her husband Brandon to a stroke and its complications. According to a report in the New York Post, Katie has three children, aged 12, 10 and 8. Katie did not want her children to go into shock due to their father’s death, but rather they should remember the good times they had with their father. So instead of a sobbing speech and a sad atmosphere in the church, she organized a party in which her husband was remembered happily.

500 people were called, then…
On social media, she posted a video of this party with 500 guests. It included bouncy castles, art and craft items and her husband’s favourite chips and dips. His art and albums were also displayed and guests were given these items in goodie bags. Not only this, her husband’s favourite music was also played. The party took place in their house because her husband loved this place and family very much. The children kept laughing and smiling and Katie says that this must have made her husband’s soul happy.

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