Who is dictator Kim Jong’s sister? She is considered the most dangerous woman in history, even more cruel and crazy than her brother!

Who is not aware of the madness of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un. While testing nuclear weapons every day and keeping his country’s people isolated from the world is his policy, his hobby is to keep himself as God in front of his countrymen. However, at this time, his sister Kim Yo Jong is in more discussion in the global media than Kim Jong Un, who does not take any time in taking the toughest decisions. The enmity between North Korea and South Korea is once again in the news. However, the mastermind behind this is not dictator Kim Jong Un but his sister this time.

The latest case started with North Korea releasing hundreds of balloons filled with dirt and garbage in South Korea. This was said to be a response to South Korea filling anti-North Korea pamphlets in balloons and releasing them. In return for the garbage balloons, South Korea started playing anti-North Korea propaganda by installing loudspeakers on its border, which has angered North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong has responded to this by warning that the situation could be dangerous. You must also be wondering how anyone else is taking decisions in the rule of a dictator? So let us make you aware of the most powerful woman of North Korea, who is ahead of dictator Kim in terms of taking quick decisions.

His sister is two steps ahead of the dictator
North Korea is a country ruled by men, but even in this environment, if a woman is taking national decisions here, then it will not be normal at all. Kim Yo Jong not only entered politics here but also became very powerful in a very short time. The book titled The Sister: Extraordinary Story of Kim Yo Jong describes the dictator’s sister in detail. Kim Yo Jong, who came to the party as an ordinary worker, increased her stature so much in a short time that the international media started considering her as the successor of her brother Kim Jong Un.

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The most powerful woman in North Korea. (Credit- Social Media)

Nowhere less in cruelty and madness
Author Sang Yun Lee has written this book, he has seen the politics of North Korea closely. He claims that if Kim Yo Jong, who looks very innocent and is pale, comes to power, she will prove to be more crazy and cruel than her brother. She can take the biggest decisions in a jiffy and she has no qualms about murders. It has also been claimed in the book that the intelligence agencies of South Korea believe that the dictator’s sister has become more powerful than Kim Jong Un himself.

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Kim, who looks slim, is quite cruel. (Credit- AP)

More educated than Kim Jong Un
The book states that Kim Yo Jong, born in 1987, had a very pampered and privileged childhood. She was very close to her father because she was the youngest among her siblings. She studied in a school in Switzerland, which no one knows. She knew from childhood that she was above all the rules and laws. It is believed that she has a good grasp on computers and is also perfect in English and German languages, while her brother does not know English properly. Yo Jong was often seen with her father in public events, but the state media did not pay much attention to her. Since 2014, when she took over the media department, her stature grew rapidly. Yo Jong is also credited with Kim Jong Un’s western makeover.

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