When will EPFO Interest Be Credited for 2021-22? Is Your Money Safe?

People have been constantly checking and looking for the EPFO interest for the Financial year 2021-22 in their Provident Fund Account. To their surprise it has been the end of Financial year 2022-23 and yet previous year’s EPFO interests are not yet credited.

Recently there have been a lot of questions raised by the opposition over the BJP-Adani or Modi-Adani relations. Several allegations were made against the Prime Minister and the ruling party. One such allegation was the people’s money has been given to business owners like Adani.

These allegations have now created a lot of chaos among common people seeing such practices from the government body like EPFO(Employee Provident Fund Organization). Opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sanjay Singh and others have voiced their opinion in their own ways.

Latest Announcements and Questions By People

Recently CBT also announced the EPFO interest rates for the financial year 2022-23 to be 8.15%. People are also awaiting on this getting credited to their account as still the EPFO interests for the year 2021-22 is not reflected. The expected dates for the interest amount to get credit is the last date of the financial year i.e. 31st March.

EPFO Interest

People have started to question the organization on their social media handle(Twitter). Here are some of the tweets from people and response from the EPFO official account;


Later yesterday, AAP leader Sanjay Singh called up a press conference to raise his voice against the decision of the body to invest EPF’s money into 50 stocks and allegedly couple of them being related to Adani Groups. Here’s what the leader said in his press conference;

EPFO interest rates are managed and decided by the CBT members(Central Board of Trustees). Each year these rates have been changed based on the current financial situation of the country and considering multiple factors. Here’s a chart depicting the EPFO Interest rates over past 10 years. 2021-22 had the lowest interest rates among these 10 years.

EPFO Interest
EPFO Interest Rates Since 2010

EPFO Services Down?

It has been observed most of the times that the EPFO website for passbook services is down. The UMANG website/UMANG mobile application for EPFO is often down as well. People usually complain on poor service management on twitter as well. But still we see the website down with the below message;

EPFO Interest
EPFO Official Website Down

Check yourself and let us know that whether the website or app was working?

Link for e-Passbook- Click Here


The money deposited in EPFO accounts are meant for social security of the person. This money is only released at the time of retirement in normal scenarios. In other emergency situation it can also can be withdrawn by stating the right cause and following the process of withdrawal.

Despite questions being raised from every zone now, EPFO has continued to serve the people with a secure retirement since years. There have been situations where people had to struggle for getting their pension money but we can consider them as exceptions.

So far, the response from the EPFO on their social handle hasn’t been satisfactory but we hope that people’s money is safe and secure under this trusted organization. Do let us know your views on this post by sharing your reaction. For more such insightful content do follow PrTechNews

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