When the traffic police started kicking a poor woman, God punished her immediately, she fell down near a pole, then…

The roadside is the shelter of many helpless and homeless people. Even in big cities, you can see poor people sleeping on the footpath at night. Many of these poor people are such who lie on the roadside with their wives and children. But all this is not so easy for these poor people. Sometimes a drunk person runs his vehicle over them, in which they lose their lives. And sometimes the policeman tortures the poor people on the roadside. A video related to this is becoming increasingly viral, but in this the policeman immediately gets punishment from God. After watching the video, you will also say – God really exists, who punished them immediately.

In this video, you can see that a poor woman is sitting on the corner of the road. She is wearing a sari and probably begs for a living. That poor woman is not even able to walk. Maybe she is handicapped. Just then a traffic police woman reaches there on a bike. Her husband drops her at the intersection and leaves. As soon as she gets off the bike, she starts kicking the poor woman. She kicks her so much that the poor woman starts falling again and again. She also throws her belongings with her feet. The woman pleads with folded hands, but this traffic police woman does not stop at all. Dragging herself, the poor woman goes away.

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