When the door of the underground tunnel was opened, the person was shocked! There were stolen vehicles inside, from new to old!

Many times underground tunnels are made under the roads in cities for some reason. Sometimes these are made for metro trains or for laying sewer pipes. But thieves and pickpockets start using these places for their crimes. Recently, a person claimed that he also entered a similar underground tunnel (Cars in underground tunnel viral video) and as soon as he opened its door, he was shocked because stolen cars were present inside. This is the person’s claim, which cannot be confirmed. However, it is quite surprising that so many cars were parked in a tunnel.

Recently a video has been posted on Instagram account @losthistorie, in which a person enters an underground tunnel. There is a big door in it, as soon as he opens the door, many cars are seen parked inside. At the beginning of the video, the person tells that he finds stolen cars (Stolen cars underground viral video), which are hidden there.

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