When his father’s friend died, the son started making a vlog, showing everything from the funeral to the cemetery!

Nowadays, in this era of social media, people are not able to understand which things should be made public and which things should be kept private. Due to this ignorance, many times they present serious things in a funny way on social media just to get likes and shares, which can hurt the feelings of others. A child also did the same. This boy made a video of the funeral of his father’s friend on his death. In the video, he made a video of the journey from the funeral to the cemetery (Kid makes vlog of funeral), and then also of digging the grave, which people are not liking.

Recently, a child’s vlog (Boy funeral vlog viral video) has been posted on Instagram account @krackjoke, in which he is making a video of a funeral. The child does not seem to be more than 10-12 years old. Perhaps this is the reason why he does not realize the seriousness of the situation. In the video, he tells that a friend of his father died. After which his funeral was taken to the cemetery.

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