When a child came to beg with an iPhone…people were shocked on seeing him, he gave this answer when asked, video goes viral

Satna: In today’s time, social media is a different world in itself. Every day, one after another sights are seen on social media, which can blow away the senses of any person. Today we are going to tell you about one such viral video. Knowing about which you will be stunned. When a child comes to beg with an iPhone in his hand. People are surprised to see this. Someone has made a video of this and uploaded it on social media. Which has become quite viral. Many people have commented on it, which has become quite viral.

Actually, a video is going viral very fast on social media these days. In this video, some people are standing in Chowpatty. Then a child comes to beg from them, who is seen holding an iPhone in his hand. People standing there were surprised to see the iPhone in the hands of the begging child. A video of this entire incident was made and shared on social media, which is going viral very fast.

This video is of the Chowpatty of Satna city.
This video is from Chowpatty located at Semriya Chowk in Satna city. Where 3 to 4 children are often seen begging. People were surprised to see an iPhone, which is considered a status symbol of luxurious life, in the hands of one of those boys.

There a girl asked the child that where did you get the iPhone from. Then the child replied that this iPhone is mine. This surprising video has so far garnered thousands of views and likes. People are commenting heavily on it.

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