What Canada did in New York, even IND-PAK could not do, this team made the record of the biggest run chase


New York stadium is in the news for its bad pitch.Big teams are not able to score runs on the New York ground.India was successful in defending the target of 120 runs against Pakistan.

New Delhi, As the T20 World Cup 2024 is progressing, the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York is also a topic of discussion. This is bound to happen because the great cricket event is being held in America for the first time and despite this, leave aside a high scoring match, no one has been able to set even an average target of 150 runs. So far five matches have been played in New York. Pakistan’s team will play a do or die match against Canada on this pitch on Tuesday. What Canada has done here, teams like India, Pakistan and South Africa could not do.

Statistics of New York’s Nassau County International Cricket Stadium show that a total of five matches were played here, out of which two teams won by batting first. Three teams managed to win the match during the run chase. Generally, 150 to 160 is considered an average score in cricket. The average score of the first innings on this pitch is 106 runs. On the other hand, if we talk about the second innings i.e. run chase, then the average score here is only 104. In such a situation, the focus of the fans at this time has become more on the pitch of the New York ground than the international match in America. Cricket legends are raising questions on this pitch.

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Canada leads in New York
What the Canadian team was able to do on the New York pitch, even a country like India could not do. Canada holds the record of scoring the most runs here. Playing against Ireland, it scored 137 runs at the loss of seven wickets in the stipulated 20 overs on this pitch. This is the highest score. In this match, Canada won by 12 runs. Sri Lanka holds the lowest record here. In the T20 World Cup match against South Africa, Sri Lanka’s team was all out for 77 runs.

What is the biggest run chase?
The biggest run chase on the New York pitch is just 106 runs. South Africa made this record against the Netherlands. On the other hand, if we talk about defending the smallest target, then South Africa is at the forefront in this matter. The African team defended the target of 114 runs against Bangladesh in the match played on Monday night.

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