‘We win less, we lose more!’ Pak fan’s pain spilled out after the defeat, taunted so much that the players would feel ashamed!

After losing to the American team in the T20 World Cup (India vs USA T20 World Cup), the Pakistani team started being made fun of. But someone should go and ask the fans of the team, what must be going through their hearts! A few years ago, when a fan angrily said that the Pakistani team changed his times, changed his emotions, people felt his pain so much that it went viral (Pakistani fan girl viral video). Now the pain of another Pakistani girl has spilled out, who is taunting her team in anger so much after its defeat that if the players hear this, they will probably hide their faces in shame!

Recently, a video of a Pakistani fan (Pakistani girl angry on team) is going viral on Twitter account @div_yumm, who is taunting her team with basketfuls of taunts. Listening to the girl in this video, it seems that she is really disappointed. Well, being disappointed is natural. If a team which has been playing international cricket for a long time loses to a team like America, then it is a matter of shame.

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