‘Watch the bananas ripen, your tension will go away’, the office ordered bunches of bananas and decorated the table!

While working in the office, many times we feel that we are under a lot of stress. In such a situation, stress can be relieved through some activities. Usually, outdoor or indoor games are arranged for this, but something different is being seen in China. You have probably never seen or heard of this method before.

We all know how beneficial bananas are for our body, but you might not have seen the way a Chinese company is using bananas. According to a report in the South China Morning Post, bananas are being used to relieve stress of Chinese employees.

Bananas are being decorated on the office table
A post is becoming very popular on social media platforms like Instagram in China. In this, banana stems are seen kept on the table in some offices of China, in which bananas are attached. This stem is kept in a vase and the green bananas are waited to turn yellow. When these bananas turn yellow, the employees eat them. This process takes about a week.

Bananas relieve stress
These bananas have been named as stress relieving bananas. It is believed that watching the bananas ripen in this way reduces the stress of the employees in the office and they concentrate on them. Stress is relieved through desktop banana, hope is aroused and sharing and eating among each other creates a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. People have reacted a lot to this. One user wrote – this is a strategy to sell bananas, while another user told that pineapples are also being grown along with bananas in their office.

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