Was there one person who was the ancestor of all people with blue eyes? Unique research gave the answer and made a big claim!

Can the color of the eyes be related to the lineage? Do people with the same color of eyes have the same ancestors? Till now this question was rejected outright. But in a new study, scientists have found something else which can surprise you. Based on the new results, they claim that the ancestor of every person in the world with blue eyes can be one person.

Research led by Professor Hans Eberg of the Cellular and Molecular Biology Department of the University of Copenhagen identified a gene mutation that occurred 6 to 10 thousand years ago. This mutation caused blue eyes in humans. This gene mutation changed the OCA2 gene.

Mutations in the OCA2 gene can cause changes in the P protein, which can affect the production and distribution of melanin. This can lead to conditions such as oculocutaneous albinism, where individuals produce little or no melanin. This leads to very fair skin, light-coloured hair and light-coloured eyes.

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Scientists have found a deep connection between eye color and gene mutation. (Symbolic picture: Shutterstock)

The OCA2 gene is also associated with variation in eye color in the general population, as different versions of the gene affect the amount and distribution of melanin in the iris, which can result in varying eye colors.

In the study, Professor Eberg has said that this gene turns the ability of the eyes to turn brown like a switch. This affects the formation of melanin. On this basis, scientists concluded that all people with blue eyes must have the same ancestor. But for this, the researchers investigated the eye color and their mitochondrial DNA of many countries including Jordan, Denmark, Turkey.

He says that it has nothing to do with the struggle for existence and neither does it indicate any good or bad effect. It only tells how nature continuously keeps changing the human genome, due to which many changes are seen in humans too.

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