Viral Video: Wow! What a beautiful video, so much respect for humans? Deer greet by bowing their heads!

You have seen many animals getting along well with humans, the list of animals like dogs, cats, elephants, horses can be long. But is there any animal in this list that is never domesticated or cannot be domesticated. You will be surprised to know that deer can also be such animals that get along well with humans. An example of this can be seen in a viral video in which a deer is seen greeting a woman.

In this video shared on Instagram, a young woman first comes to a deer and bows down to greet it in Japanese style. In response, the deer also greets her in the same way. After this, she feeds something to the deer. Then another deer comes. This young woman greets it in the same way, and this deer also greets it. The young woman feeds it too and then happily leaves from there.

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