Viral Video: Two eagles got entangled in the struggle for prey and showed amazing acrobatics, people said, superb!

It is very difficult to see birds hunting or fighting among themselves for prey. Such incidents are seen many times with animals on earth and many videos of this are also seen. But in the case of birds, it is very difficult to see this. But in a video, two eagles are seen struggling with each other, but seeing their stunts during this time, it seems as if we are watching a fantasy film.

In the video, an adult eagle is seen grappling with a juvenile eagle, which was already carrying a prey like a mouse in its claws. In an attempt to snatch the prey, both are seen doing many acrobatics in the air. In the end, the prey does not come into the hands of either of them and falls, after which both separate.

This video has been shared on social media on Instagram. Its caption reads, “Descending into an aerial death spiral, an adult and juvenile bald eagle engage in a fight. The juvenile was flying over a fish when the adult decided “no, it’s mine”

People have liked this video a lot. It was shared from an Instagram account named mukul.soman which has been viewed by 1.3 million i.e. 13 lakh people and liked by more than 39 thousand people.

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