VIDEO: Pakistani cricketer made a bad comment on Arshdeep and Sikhs, Bhajji taught him a lesson and then he apologized

New Delhi: When the Indian team was defeating Pakistan in the T20 World Cup two days ago, its fans were in a bad state. Along with the Pakistani fans, former cricketers also started talking nonsense. Former Pakistani cricketer Kamran Akmal also lost his temper after seeing the defeat and made a racist comment on Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh. Akmal not only made fun of Arshdeep, but also made objectionable comments on Sikhism. Harbhajan Singh reprimanded Akmal after seeing this comment. After this, Akmal had to apologize publicly.

Kamran Akmal made a controversial comment on Arshdeep Singh during the India-Pakistan match on ARY News. Arshdeep bowled the last over in the India-Pakistan match. Pakistan had to score 18 runs in this over, but Arshdeep Singh allowed them to score only 11 runs. In this way, India won by 8 runs.

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During the same match, Akmal was seen saying on ARY News, ‘Look, Arshdeep Singh has to bowl the last over. His rhythm is not visible. But anything can happen… it’s 12 o’clock.’ After saying this, Akmal starts laughing. Meanwhile, the host of the show says that 16-17 runs in the last over can be enough. On this, Akmal laughs and says, ‘No Sikh should be given the over after 12 o’clock…’ This comment of Kamran Akmal was considered insulting.

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