VIDEO: Both batsmen are at one end, 10 players are standing with the ball at the other end, still they could not get him out, you won’t believe it after seeing it

New Delhi. Many times we get to see such scenes in cricket which are unbelievable. A person questions himself whether what he is seeing is right or wrong. IPL team Rajasthan Royals has shared a similar video in which 10 players together are unable to make a single run out, even though they have the ball and both the batsmen are at the other end.

The video shared by Rajasthan Royals is of a local match. In this age category match, a batsman named Karthik is at the strike end. He plays the ball of Manav Solanki at midwicket. As soon as he plays the shot, Karthik runs for the run. But Vihaan Gaikwad, who is at the other end, returns to his end after running a few steps. In this way, both Karthik and Vihaan stand face to face at the non-strike end.

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Meanwhile, the midwicket fielder catches the ball in three attempts and throws it to the non-strike end. The throw does not hit the stumps. After this, another fielder throws the ball to the batting end, which is caught by the third player in the middle.

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