VIDEO: A man went to Afghanistan to visit, got clothes stitched for himself, and encountered the Taliban!

When it comes to Afghanistan, people also think of the Taliban rule there. Because of this, people do not want to go to this country of Taliban. But some people like adventure so much that they are not afraid of the Taliban or their rule. They go to Afghanistan without hesitation. These days a South American traveler is in the news, who went to visit Afghanistan (American in Afghanistan viral video). He roamed the markets, saw old buildings, got clothes stitched for himself, got his hair cut, but then one day while roaming there, he met a Taliban fighter. See, how was his reaction when he met him.

Instagram user Eli Snyder is from Argentina. He is so fond of traveling the world that he has visited different countries. Recently he went to visit Afghanistan (American man travel in Afghanistan video). Ever since the Taliban established their rule in Afghanistan, the people there have been forced to leave the country. In such a situation, tourism in the country has also gone down. But Eli has gone there and cleared the misconceptions of the people.

man traveling in afghanistan

The man’s videos go viral on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/snydtheexplorer)

The man reached Afghanistan
In May he made his first appearance on the Afghanistan tour Video He posted a video in which he told that he had entered Afghanistan from the Pakistan border by car. He had a German friend with him. He went to many small and big restaurants in Afghanistan, ate delicious food there and then also met the people there. He showed in a video how he got his hair cut from a local barber shop and also got his Shalwar-Kameez stitched there like the local people. He posted the sixth video of his series in which he told that he had gone to visit Mazar-e-Sharif, the third largest city of Afghanistan. There he met a Taliban fighter, with whom he went to visit different places in Afghanistan. He said that the Taliban man was good at heart, both of them had a lot of fun together. They were also seen swinging together.

The video is going viral
This video has received more than 50 thousand views while many people have given their reactions by commenting. Many people were surprised to see how comfortably this person is seen roaming around with the Talibanis. One said that do not make it so easy to travel in Afghanistan.

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