Urfi Javed’s brother was found! He came out in the market like this, girls started looking back at him…

You must have seen various types of videos on social media. Sometimes we see something in them which is new for us and sometimes we get to see some interesting and funny scenes. However, sometimes we also see something which is not a common sight. One such video is going viral at this time.

Till now Urfi Javed was known for his strange clothes but at this time a video of a person is going viral, who looks exactly like Urfi’s estranged brother from his actions. Seeing his clothes you will be surprised as to who must have designed them.

A man seen in strange clothes
In the video that is going viral, we can see that a boy is walking around with paan masala pouches wrapped around his body in the name of clothes. He has wrapped paan masala packets all over his body, from his feet to his hands. He has also stuck fruit peels on them using tape. The reaction of the girls in the market is worth watching after seeing him walking with a bag like this.

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