Up: Rahul Gandhi may give a hint about keeping Rae Bareli seat tomorrow, the visit became a topic of discussion I – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

UP: Rahul Gandhi may give a hint of keeping Rae Bareli seat tomorrow, the visit became a topic of discussion i

Will Rahul remain in Rae Bareli seat?
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Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is coming to Rae Bareli on Tuesday with his mother Sonia and sister Priyanka. He will express gratitude to the voters and workers in Bhuemau. Congress is doing such an experiment for the first time in Uttar Pradesh. It has political implications. The Gandhi family has decades of association with Amethi and Rae Bareli, but the gratitude program is being organized for the first time within a week of the election results being announced. It is also being seen as a strong indication of Rahul Gandhi remaining an MP from Rae Bareli. There is a discussion in political circles that Rahul may indicate to keep this seat in his visit. It is known that Rahul has won the election from Wayanad seat of Kerala along with Rae Bareli.

Congress has won 6 seats

Congress contested 17 seats in Uttar Pradesh, in which six MPs were elected. Congress’s vote bank increased from 6.36 percent to 9.46 percent. Congress has opened its account in Prayagraj and Saharanpur after nearly 40 years. Rahul Gandhi got 66.17 percent votes from Rae Bareli, while Sonia Gandhi got 55.80 percent votes in 2019. While Rahul Gandhi had to face defeat from Amethi in 2019, this time Gandhi family’s commander Kishori Lal Sharma secured 54.99 percent vote bank with a vote bank increase of 11.03 percent.

Now Congress wants to maintain the activism of workers in Uttar Pradesh in this way. This Aabhar program is also a part of this strategy. It is believed that through this program Rahul Gandhi will give the message of remaining MP from Rae Bareli. Along with this, he will energize the workers. He will give them a booster dose for future political preparation. State President of the party Ajay Rai is also giving a similar indication. He says that after the Lok Sabha elections, the party leaders will not sit idle even for a day. Preparations for the future have begun.

will give a message of unity

Rajya Sabha member Sonia Gandhi, Rae Bareli MP Rahul Gandhi, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, Amethi MP KL Sharma, State President Ajay Rai and other senior leaders will also be present at the gratitude ceremony to be held at Bhuemau Guest House. Through this program, they will give a message of unity. They will also express that the party will be ready to honor the workers at every level. Earlier, MP Kishori Lal Sharma had expressed gratitude to the party leaders at a ceremony organized at the party office in Amethi. He appealed to the people of Amethi and Rae Bareli for his relationship with them and thanked them for helping him win the election.

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