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Gorakhpur News: Generally, it is rare to see astronomical phenomena in the sky. On April 23, an astronomical phenomenon in the sky will attract people’s attention. This astronomical phenomenon occurring in the sky is also known as ‘Pink Moon’, ‘Full Moon’ or ‘April Moon’. Full moon i.e. full moon will definitely attract people.

Astronomer Amarpal Singh of Gorakhpur Planetarium said that after sunset on April 23, Chand will appear pink in colour. This astronomical phenomenon is called pink moon or full moon. This is an astronomical phenomenon, which occurs only during the full moon. The day when the moon appears bigger and brighter than normal days is called full moon.

what did the astronomer say
Astronomer Amar Pal Singh said that this time the Pink Moon (full moon) which will take place on 23rd April can be seen from 03:25 am on 23rd April to 5:18 am on 24th April. Sometimes the visible change or change in the color of the moon is caused by the energy of extremely fine dust particles and various types of gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere and other smoke pollution also interferes with the amount of light reaching the Earth. Are.

He said that the light coming to the earth gets scattered into many types according to their respective wavelengths, in which the blue color is seen scattered most quickly. Red color goes a long way. For this reason, when the Moon is seen from the Earth, sometimes the Moon appears to be of other colors, such as brown, indigo, light blue, silver, golden, light yellow and due to illusion, it also appears to be slightly larger than normal. Is. In the language of astronomy, it is also called relay scattering or scattering of light. Due to all these reasons, something seems to be changed, but there is no special meaning to the color in the name of pink moon, but on normal nights, when the sky is clear, the actual color of the moon is white and bright.

Astronomer Amar Pal Singh said that the full moon that occurs in the month of April, which is seen spreading moonlight in the night sky, is called pink moon. It is also known by many other names. It is known by names like Sprout Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Fashay Moon, Festival Moon, Full Pink Moon, Breaking Ice Moon, Budding Moon, Beginning Moon etc.

In fact, this name was originally given by the farmers living in North America and especially those living in small tribal communities during the 1930s, because it is during this season of April that the flowers grow in the forests of the eastern and northern parts of America. A special type of plant which is also called Phlox subulata or Creeping Phlox and Moss Phlox or Moss Pink, which has an attractive pink color in appearance, after which the full moon of April has been named Pink Moon, which is today is also in trend. Whereas in reality, in the context of the moon, it does not mean that on this day the moon is also going to be completely colored in pink.

Pink Moon: Pink moon will be seen in the sky on this day, know details from the scientist of Gorakhpur Planetarium.

How to see pink moon
Astronomer Amar Pal Singh of Veer Bahadur Singh Nakshatra Shala told that you do not need any special equipment to see it. During this time, you can see it from your homes with your ordinary eyes. At night, falling stars (meteorites) will be seen burning due to friction in the atmosphere. You can also enjoy such spectacular meteors. The meteor shower that occurs in the month of April is known as Lyrid Meteor Shower. Will be able to see this also. To get special information related to this or any other astronomy and to see the astronomical events live through special types of special telescopes, one can also go to Veer Bahadur Singh Nakshatra Shala (Planetarium) Gorakhpur.

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