UP Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 Congress candidate alok mishra lost by BJP RAMESH AWASTHI by 20968 votes margin ann

UP Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: In the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the alliance left behind such stalwarts of the BJP, which perhaps even the alliance itself was not expecting, but the victory of BJP candidate Ramesh Awasthi on the Kanpur seat may have been ensured, but the defeated Congress leader and alliance candidate Alok Mishra on this seat proved to be no less than a juggler.

Congress leader Alok Mishra broke the record of his own party’s veteran leader Prakash Jaiswal, who was elected MP three times from this seat, who scored a hat-trick. He got more votes in 2024 than in 2019. Prakash got 313003 votes in 2019 and lost to Satyadev Pachauri, but in 2024 he will contest for the first time. Lok Sabha Elections The people of the city gave 422087 votes to Alok Mishra who contested the election. That too when BJP’s claim was dominant. This number of votes and the difference of just 21 thousand votes in victory and defeat is showing the picture of the growing reach of Congress.

Won by a very small margin

If we talk about Kanpur Bundelkhand, there were 11 seats here, out of which BJP won only 5 seats. Neither the temple issue, nor Article 370, nor many other issues which BJP wanted to capitalize on in this election, but the silent public of the country surprised everyone by voting. The same was the case with Akbarpur Lok Sabha seat. BJP’s Devendra Singh scored a hat-trick for the third time from here, but compared to 2014 and 2019, he also won this seat by just 42 thousand votes.

A big reason behind the defeat of India Alliance candidate Alok Mishra was that during the nomination, another candidate in the name of Alok Mishra had entered the fray as an independent candidate, whose name was also Alok Mishra. When the votes were being counted, the dummy candidate Alok Mishra, who was an independent candidate, kept getting 5 to 7 hundred votes at every polling booth. This reduced the vote percentage of Congress leader and alliance candidate Alok Mishra. If the dummy candidate had not entered the fray in the name of Alok Mishra, the victory of the alliance candidate could have been certain.

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