UP Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 Dalit voters left BSP in Agra Mayawati party got defeated in Tajnagari ann

UP Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: In the political arena, Taj City Agra is known as the Dalit capital. The number of Dalit vote bank in Agra is very good and this was the reason that at one time BSP had control over 6 out of 9 assembly seats of Agra and one out of two MPs was from BSP but now BSP is empty handed. Agra is called the Dalit capital but now BSP is getting continuous setbacks from here.

Now the condition of BSP in this Dalit city is such that the candidates are coming third. The BSP candidate is struggling to save his deposit. BSP remained empty handed from Agra Lok Sabha seat and in the 2024 results, BSP got nothing, rather the position of BSP in the last election, this time it went even lower than that.

The core vote bank left BSP

Has the core vote bank of BSP not supported the BSP, the vote bank due to which BSP President Mayawati became the Chief Minister of the state four times. That vote bank is now slipping away. BSP did not even get candidates in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. BSP used to be in the race for Lok Sabha elections in Taj City Agra, but this time BSP reached the third position.

Breaking into BSP’s vote bank

BSP, which gave a tough fight in Agra Lok Sabha seat, is not even seen in the election fight now. Be it Lok Sabha elections or civic elections in Agra, BSP always gave tough competition and came out as the second largest party but now BSP’s number has changed in Agra. Perhaps now BSP’s vote bank has been divided, has that vote bank been breached due to which BSP was dominant and will it be difficult for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections? Lok Sabha Elections The vote bank went to three places, due to which BSP remained empty handed.

The dream of winning Agra was shattered

BSP did not get satisfactory results even in the Dalit capital Agra. Is BSP’s vote bank slipping away due to the current politics of the BSP president? BSP used to have dominance in Agra and in most of the elections BSP used to be the second largest party but this time the figures have changed. Now BSP has reached the third position in Agra.

One reason for this could be that this time BSP voters have gone to three places, the vote bank which used to benefit BSP directly is now going to other parties as well. As a result, BSP has come up empty handed. After all, BSP has suffered a crushing defeat even in Agra, which is called the Dalit capital, and once again the dream of winning the Agra Lok Sabha seat could not be fulfilled.

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