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UN Security Council passes resolution for ceasefire amid Israel-Hamas war

United Nations Headquarters
– Photo: ANI


There has been a long-running war between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, on June 10, the United Nations Security Council approved its first resolution supporting a ceasefire plan aimed at ending the war. This resolution was introduced by the US, which passed 14-0. Russia was not present during the voting.

US President Joe Biden said that Israel has accepted this proposal. America has called upon Hamas to also accept the proposal. On the proposal, America said that Israel and Hamas should fully implement the terms of the proposal without any conditions.

Hamas welcomed the proposal

Hamas made the proposal on Monday. Hamas said it is ready to cooperate with mediators to implement the principles of the resolution. Hamas said it is ready to hold indirect negotiations to implement principles that are in line with its demands. Hamas has welcomed everything included in the Security Council resolution, which includes principles such as a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, full withdrawal, prisoner exchange, reconstruction, returning displaced persons to their areas of residence and providing necessary assistance.

The war has been going on since October 7

It is worth noting that on the morning of October 7, about 5000 rockets were fired by Hamas on Israeli cities. Since then the war between the two sides is continuing. Israel has termed this attack as a terrorist attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that he will not call for a ceasefire until Hamas is completely destroyed. According to Gaza health officials, more than 36,700 Palestinians have died in Israeli attacks. At the same time, more than 80 thousand people are injured. Most of them are women and children. 80% of the population has been displaced and hundreds of thousands of people have reached the brink of starvation.

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