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Ujjain News Today: Suddenly an obscene film started playing in the lecture series organized by Maharishi Panini Sanskrit Vedic University of Ujjain. Seeing this, the 77 professors associated with the lecture series were stunned.

This matter reached Nagjhiri police station. Cyber ​​cell is investigating the matter in this matter. A lecture series on the topic “Vedanton Naam Upanishad Pramanya” was organized by the Philosophy Department of Sanskrit University, Ujjain.

Vice Chancellors and professors of universities from a dozen states including Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi participated in this lecture series.

This incident happened in zoom meeting
According to Akhilesh Dwivedi, HOD of Panini University, when the lecture series was going on through Zoom meeting. He told that at that very moment an objectionable video suddenly started playing, after which the lecture series was ended there itself.

HOD Akhilesh Dwivedi said that seeing this happening, all the professors left the meeting. He told that a complaint has been made about this matter to Nagjhiri police station. The police is trying to trace the guilty accused through cyber cell.

suspicion on foreign hacker
Nagjhiri police station and professor of Sanskrit University say that a foreign hacker has committed this type of crime by hacking the Zoom meeting. Cyber ​​cell has also started investigation in this matter. After receiving the complaint, the cyber cell is collecting adequate information regarding the incident.

Such an incident has happened before also
The website of the religious city Ujjain has also always been the target of hackers. The website of Mahakaleshwar Temple and Municipal Corporation of Ujjain has been hacked by hackers in the past.

In these incidents also the issue of foreign hackers came to light. However, in the earlier incidents the police have not yet been able to reach the accused.

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