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Time travelling predictions have become a new viral trend on the Internet. The Internet is something that almost all people use and are familiar with in the modern world. With the advancement of technology and social media apps such as Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram.

Time travelling
Tik Tok app

People now have a platform to share their thoughts. However, many strange things such as time-travelling predictions can also be promoted through such platforms.

A TikToker who goes by the username @timevoyaging has gone viral on social media. As he claims to be a real-time traveller from the year 2906. This Tik Toker has supposedly come from the UK. Just to make people aware of the future. Earlier this year, he also offered to take eight people who are willing to, to the future. According to this user, “very big things” are going to happen on specific dates this year, and shortly.

Time travelling
Time travelling

Time travelling Predictions

Through his tik to posts, he has warned people by posting prediction videos. Claiming strange messages such as :

  •   A new world named Azaw will be discovered under the surface of the Earth in 2023.
  • He believes a zombie pig will escape a lab, and infect sixty per cent of the worldwide pig population. Which will later turn them into zombies.
  • He also claims, in November 2022 dragons will be found in the heights of Mexico.
  • This user also wants eight people who he will select to go to the future with him. So they can see the turmoil humanity has caused to the planet, and he expects them to make people aware of this chaos.
Time travelling
  • Also, In 2025 the US will hold its first purge which will last for a week. During this nothing will be illegal, even murder will be legalised
  • On the 10th of December, President Joe Biden will leave his office, due to health issues.
  •  Previously he had claimed discovery of T-REX eggs will occur. On 3, October 2022 a bunch of teenagers will discover the egg. And also a device that will supposedly connect us to another galaxy.
  • Next year, in March. He believes an ancient species of the Mariana Trench will be discovered by a team of scientists while exploring.
  • He also gives a warning for the happening of World War lll, claiming that “Russia has sent missiles to Poland aiming to hit the capital, Warsaw, but misfunctioned and hit a small village”. He also adds that “NATO will retaliate by sending missiles to Moscow after four months, leading to the beginning of the 3rd World War.

Has this user been time travelling?

It’s hard to say if these claims are to be true. Considering his previous predictions were not true. His anonymity also makes his account more cryptic. The videos don’t have anyone in them, the predictions are presented in a typed form on the video.

Time travelling
Time travelling

He has also spoken regarding his anonymity. He will reveal his face once he will reach a million followers on Tik Tok. These predictions helped him in gaining more followers.


What do people think about the time travelling predictions?

Predictions of this seemingly UK time traveller have created fear amongst Tik Tok users. Eventually forming dubious conclusions. Some people have suggested these videos to be an educational guess.

While others are criticizing him, by saying that this time travel mystery is a hoax, which will be revealed soon. As none of his predictions has happened till now. And he is trying to make conspiracy from the news, just to gain more followers. lowers people have called him out for never replying or being vague about the answers to the questions asked of him, in the comment section.

Time travelling

In conclusion, this can be a deliberate agenda or anything else. Nobody knows for sure, but maybe in the next year, the real truth behind all this will prevail.

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