This is the woman with the biggest cheeks in the world, her appearance has completely changed in 10 years, people asked, what did she do?

To look beautiful, many women and especially female artists associated with the film industry undergo special surgeries. Some do this to enlarge their lips and some do this for their figure. But many times this effort to enhance beauty turns out to be the opposite. The same thing happened with a famous model who is today recognized as the woman with the biggest cheeks in the world.

gets tattooed regularly
The look of the famous model named Anastasia Pokreshchuk was not always so attractive. She has earned a name for herself because of her unique cheekbones. She regularly gets tattoos to enhance the extreme shape of her face. But ten years ago the Ukrainian influencer’s look was much more natural. She embraced her curly brown hair and preferred a minimalist approach to makeup.

Anastasia has become more fair
Since then, the 36-year-old has gone blonde, had her lips enlarged, had injections in her cheeks and adopted a number of strange beauty treatments. To show how dramatic her transformation has been, she shared before and after photos on Instagram.

mixed reactions
The post was titled, “26 and 35, no hyaluronic acid in the first photo.” And people were stunned by the dramatic transformation, with more than 16,600 liking the photos. Anastasia’s facial evolution has received mixed reactions from her followers. While some people liked her transformation from the surgery, others were less appreciative.

Reaction given like this
Among the critics was a follower who commented, “Why, why. You were looking very beautiful and I can’t understand why you wanted such a look. “Please stop before things get worse.” There were some who came forward to defend Anastasia. One fan said, “I like both. Now more attractive. Enjoy your life!”

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