This is called the law of nature! Pakistan cannot reach the Super-8 without India’s favour, what is the equation?


Pakistan cricket team was first defeated by America.Then the Indian team defeated Pakistan in New York.Now it will not be enough for Pakistan to win the remaining two matches.

New Delhi. After losing to India in New York’s new stadium, Pakistan’s team is on the verge of being eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2024. First, America defeated Pakistan after a close contest in the Super Over. Then India also defeated Babar Azam and company by six runs and flattened them in the points table. Now the question arises whether Pakistan can still reach the Super-8. The answer is yes. If we look at the arithmetic, Pakistan’s team is still not out of the race to reach the Super-8. Pakistan’s team can no longer go beyond the league stage without India’s mercy.

A total of four groups have been formed in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. There are five teams in each group. India’s group includes Pakistan, America, Ireland and Canada. Each team has to play a total of four matches in the league stage. Only two teams will enter the Super-8 from each group. If we look at Group-A, India is in first place with four points after winning all two matches. America has also won both its matches by defeating Pakistan and Canada. India is ahead of America on the basis of better run rate. Pakistan and Canada have lost both their matches. Ireland has won one out of two matches.

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How will Pakistan reach Super-8?
If Pakistan has to make its place in the Super-8 from here, then it will not only have to win both its matches but also win these matches by a big margin. This is because Pakistan’s net run rate is currently in minus. America’s net run rate is currently very good. In such a situation, Babar Azam and company will have to improve their net run rate by winning both these matches. Otherwise, they will not be able to make it.

We will have to take India’s favour
Pakistan’s team will have to take India’s favour to reach the Super-8. Pakistan’s team cannot reach the next round from the league stage without praying for India’s victory. India now has to play against America on 12 June and Canada on 15 June. Pakistan will have to pray that India wins both these matches. Along with this, it will also want that India’s team not only defeats America but also spoils their net run rate by defeating them by a big margin. Only then will Pakistan get direct benefit from this.

We will also have to pray for America’s defeat
America now has to play against India on 12 June. Pakistan must be thinking that a strong team like India will probably defeat Pakistan but America has a match against Ireland on 14 June. Ireland has lost all its two matches so far. Pakistan will have to pray that America loses this match too. If Ireland wins then Pakistan will not get any benefit even after winning its two matches.

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