This company made a mat that protects against corona infection! Know its specialty

New Delhi. New innovations are being made every day to save the common man from Coronavirus Pandemic. Kerala State Choir Corporation (KSCC-Kerala State Coir Corporation), a company of the Government of Kerala, has also joined this series. KSCC has made coir mats, which have the facility of sanitization. Due to this specialty, these mats are capable of preventing corona (Anti-Covid Health Plus Mats) from entering homes through shoes and slippers. On the one hand, this will provide protection to people from Covid-19 and on the other hand, it will also provide relief from business crisis in the slowing economy. These have been named Anti Covid Health Plus Mats.

According to Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Issac (Finance Minister of Kerala, TM Thomas Issac), due to Covid-19, the demand for coir products in the domestic and international markets reduced completely, so work on a new idea was started. Its price is Rs 200.

Isaac said that in the financial year 2020, coir production in the state increased almost three times to 20 thousand tonnes, while the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu remained under lockdown. Kerala is dependent on Tamil Nadu for its fiber needs.

Know about the specialty…

According to the news of English newspaper Hindu Businessline, National Coir Research and Management (NCRMI) and Srichitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology have developed a new coconut mat.

Both of them have done this work in the last one and a half month. Since these mats contain sanitizing solutions, if you enter the house by rubbing shoes and slippers on them, then Corona cannot enter inside. These mats will be sold with a kit, which will contain tray and sanitizer.

Isaac said that the company will conduct field trials of the new mat in Alappuzha and its sales will be started from July. In the first phase, anti-Covid Health Plus mats will be delivered to every panchayat, municipal body and related institutions. These will be available to the common people in the second phase.

The company is also planning to make coir cot and use and throw mattress for Covid-19 patients in collaboration with Coir Board. These products will be made available at affordable prices.

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