The woman was suffering from mental illness, returned 3 days after death, said, ‘The angel had shown her the future of humanity’

A woman claims she died after battling a mental illness, and her soul was pulled out of her body. She was then shown a glimpse of humanity’s future, which showed major changes in the way humans live.

Julie Pool of America told how she died after a terrible accident when she was a child. She said, “I felt complete peace. There was no pain, no feeling of panic. All the emotions that I was feeling while I was alive had completely disappeared.”

Instead, Julie found herself talking to a very white and glowing man who consoled her before sending her back to her body. He told her, “It’s time to go back, and it’s not going to feel great when you go. But you’re going to be okay, and I want you to know that I’m your friend and you can contact me whenever you want.”

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Julie Poole is completely healthy today and does psychic healing. (Photo: Instagram/ juliepooleuniversalenergy)

Julie says that that childhood accident was the beginning of her connection with the world of spirituality. And this is what made her a psychic healer today. But during this time, many disturbing incidents also happened to her. But the only part of life that seemed to have any meaning was her spiritual relationship. This was the only time when she felt safe with spirits.

Julie talks about her near-death experience. Even though she overdosed on her medication, Julie did not die. Instead, she spent three days with a spirit who showed her visions of the future of mankind.

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Julie says that the period between 2012 and 2031 will be like the beginning of a golden age for mankind. This will bring equality in all areas and all that is false, fake, untrue and corrupt will end. As part of her contribution to this new era, Julie has launched a website offering tarot readings, hypnotherapy and other self-development therapies.

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