The woman was happily eating Bhatura, something came out from inside that stunned her mind, and there was a lot of quarrel!

Homemade food is best for our health. It is a different matter that people like the taste of outside food. This is the reason why people do not think even once before eating from street vendors. They are not concerned with the quality, if the taste appeals to their mouth, they eat as much as they want.

If food lovers watch this video, they will think a hundred times before eating chole-bhature from a street vendor. A woman found something in the food at a pure vegetarian food shop that blew her mind. You will also be stunned if you watch this video.

Disgusting thing came out of Bhatura…
In the video that is going viral, a woman can be seen arguing with the shopkeeper. The reason for the argument is nothing but the dead lizard found in her food. The woman had packed a plate of chole-bhature from the shop and brought it home. When she found a dead lizard in the bhature while eating, she was stunned. Only after this, the woman went back to the shop and started creating a ruckus.

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