The woman had not consumed alcohol, yet the doctor kept saying, ‘You have consumed alcohol’, later when he examined her, he was shocked

A very strange incident happened with a woman. She went to the hospital seven times, sometimes feeling dizzy, sometimes having difficulty speaking. Every time the doctor would examine her and say that she had consumed alcohol and a high amount of alcohol was found in her blood. They kept saying that this is the reason why this is happening to her. The surprising thing was that the woman kept claiming that she had not even touched the alcohol with her lips. Much later, when the doctor examined her deeply, what he found out was mind-blowing.

This 50-year-old woman suffered in this manner for two years and made seven rounds of the hospital. She always kept saying that she had not even touched alcohol, but when the doctor examined her after two years, it was found that she had a very rare medical condition which made her appear as if she was drunk.

This is called auto brewery syndrome. In this, the fungus living in the stomach produces alcohol on its own and then the patient experiences the same symptoms as are seen in common people when they drink too much alcohol.

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In this rare medical condition, tests show high levels of alcohol in the blood even though the patient has not consumed alcohol. (Symbolic picture: Unsplash)

Doctors at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York, US, have already shown that people suffering from the disease often consume a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates. Researchers say awareness of the syndrome is vital. But officially only 20 people worldwide have been diagnosed with the condition.

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The fungus in the Toronto woman’s stomach began converting every carbohydrate she ate into alcohol. If she didn’t eat many carbohydrates, the symptoms weren’t as bad. But whenever she ate another piece of cake or another large carbohydrate meal, her alcohol levels shot up. She was then advised to eat a low-carb diet and her symptoms resolved.

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