The woman had a pain in her nose, she went to the doctor to show it, a terrifying creature was sitting inside, growling, then…

A woman had a pain in her nose for the last 2 weeks. Initially, she felt this pain to be minor. But it was not going away. Gradually, due to the pain, the woman started having trouble breathing. She could not understand what happened. In such a situation, one day she went to the hospital to get herself examined. When the doctors there looked inside the nose, they were shocked. They saw a terrifying creature sitting inside the nose, roaring. They immediately decided to take it out. You will also be surprised to know how this creature entered inside the nose and how the woman did not know about it immediately?

In this viral video, it can be seen that a woman has gone to the hospital. There, a doctor puts some tools inside her nose. He catches the terrifying creature sitting inside and starts pulling it out. As the creature comes out, the woman is seen moaning louder in pain. Actually, this creature is a leech, which sticks to the human body and sucks blood. It shrinks its body, due to which it sticks comfortably in a small space. The doctors were surprised how it entered. According to the information available in the video, the case is from Indonesia. Probably this leech entered the woman’s nose while bathing.

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