The pain of a single girl with a job spilled out, she vented her anger by screaming, she is facing such problems if she is not married

Even today, girls have to face many difficulties in most parts of the country. These girls are instructed to keep a distance from boys. In such a situation, friendship between boys and girls cannot happen. Girls are not able to speak openly. The video of one such girl is going viral on X (formerly Twitter). The girl seen in this video works in a good company, but she is not able to get married. In such a situation, she is screaming and venting her anger. The viral video has been shared on a verified X handle named @HasnaZaruriHai. In the video, you can see and hear that a beautiful girl has told about the problems she is facing in her life regarding marriage.

In the video she says, ‘These days whenever my mother calls, she talks about only one thing. She says that you have given me so much freedom, take some advantage of it. Seduce a boy.’ The girl said, seduce a boy? How? Where can you seduce them, where are you seducing boys? And what kind of freedom are you talking about? Is sending them to school and college giving them freedom? When I was of the age to seduce boys, if I even uttered someone’s name they would snatch away my phone. They would lock me in my room, get the cables cut. And now they are saying seduce a boy?

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