The man became ‘old’ while living with his girlfriend, his youth returned after the breakup, said- his age reduced by 10 years!

Whenever a person is in a relationship, it has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. A good relationship improves life, while a bad partner ruins it. A person has revealed about one such relationship on social media. This person claims that as long as he had a girlfriend in his life, he had not only become fat but also old or say he started looking much older than his age. But as soon as the breakup happened, this person’s life took a U-turn. His youth returned and he started looking 10 years younger than his age.

Recently, this person shared his entire story with people on the social media site Reddit. He told how much he changed after the breakup. Although the person did not reveal his name, he told that after the breakup he focused on reducing his weight. After this, a lot of his hair fell, so he got a hair transplant. By losing weight and getting hair, his age started looking 10 years younger. When he shared his pictures on Reddit, the viewers were surprised. While sharing the photo, the person wrote that I was not happy with the relationship, but after the breakup my face started glowing. The breakup happened 1 year ago, after that I started going to the gym regularly. This is its result.

(22) vs (23) Post-breakup glow up
byu/ShadyPotDealer inGlowUps

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