The leopard attacked the ‘monkeys’ by ambushing them, caught one in its mouth, then its companions came to rescue it like this!

Every jungle has only one principle, either there should be skill to hunt or there should be skill to avoid getting hunted. If this is not the case, then it becomes difficult to live even for a day in the jungle. Many such videos keep going viral on social media, in which the most dangerous animal like lion sometimes hunts other creatures, and sometimes puts itself in trouble in pursuit of hunting. Many times the lion has to lose its life. One such video is going viral on social media, in which a leopard attacks a group of baboons, a species of monkeys, by ambushing them. This video has been shared on YouTube by Latest Sightings (@Latest Sightings), which has been viewed more than 7 lakh times within a day.

In this video going viral on YouTube, it can be seen that baboons along with their herd are passing quickly by a pond. A leopard is hiding nearby. As soon as some baboons cross the dirt road, the leopard sitting in ambush attacks them quickly. For a moment it seems that all the baboons have escaped, but then the leopard comes out of the bush. He is moving forward comfortably holding a baboon in his jaws. But then the leader of the baboon with his herd follows the leopard from behind. The leopard tries to drive the baboons back by dropping its prey. But the baboons come back again and again.

Not only this, the baboons also try to attack the leopard from behind. In such a situation, the leopard gets scared and leaves the prey and moves on. This video was captured by safari ranger Solomon Ndlovu near Singita Lebombo Lodge in Kruger National Park and shared with Latest Sightings. Solomon said that my guests and I were out on a game drive, when we saw a leopard. He was sitting quietly. In such a situation, we turned off our car and waited for his next move. After spending some time, we heard a sound from a distance, which was coming towards us. I immediately realized that these were baboons. Hearing the sound, the leopard also immediately hid and started waiting for the prey in ambush.

Seeing the leopard, we knew clearly what was going to happen next. Solomon told us that leopards love to catch baboons. However, a group of baboons can have more than 50 members, so sometimes hunting is risky. But the leopard was fully prepared for the hunt. When this leopard heard the sound of the baboon coming, it hid behind the wall of a dam. It waited patiently for the right opportunity. On the other hand, a family of baboons came running, completely unaware of the danger. One by one the baboons crossed the road ahead. Suddenly the leopard attacked the last baboon and caught it. But then the leader of the group of baboons ran after the leopard, other baboons also ran after him. The baboons attacked the leopard and surrounded it. In such a situation, the leopard had to leave its prey and defend itself. But by then the baboon was dead.

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