The husband is of the same age as the father, both have the same name, people taunt her, yet the 12 year old marriage is happy!

Many girls see the image of their father in their ideal husband. The same thing happened with a woman when she was looking for her father’s image while searching for her future husband. But she had not even imagined that the difference between the two would be so less. 12 years ago, the man whom Jessica Zirkelbach liked had the same age and name as her father. Both are living a happy married life today.

Boutique owner Jessica Zirkelbach married Allen 12 years ago when she was 22 and Allen was 50. She admits she was looking for someone like her father, but she didn’t realize how close the pair would become.

“I think my attraction to Elon grew over time, I was just instantly attracted to his success, the way he carries himself, the way he’s a host, the way he just instantly pursues me, everything,” she told the Love Don’t Judge podcast.

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Alan says his wife Jessica has no daddy issues. (Photo: Instagram/jessicazirk)

For his part, Allen was instantly smitten with Jessica. He even admitted that their 28-year age difference could be a problem. “I think I had to ask Jessica a couple of times what she thought about the age difference,” he said. Online critics comment that he’s her father’s age, but very few actually say anything face-to-face.

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Criticism only makes Jessica stronger to maintain her relationship. Alan says, “People’s doubts brought us together when people made comments like it would never work, all this motivated us more to prove them wrong.” One person whose opinion Jessica cares about is her father. His name is also Alan coincidentally. Yet husband Alan says that he does not think Jessica has daddy issues. That is, she does not look for a father in her husband.

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