The house was being repaired, ‘another world’ was found under the bathtub, the husband and wife were shocked to see it!

It often happens that the person who built a place does not survive. Then after generations when it comes into someone’s hands, he gets shocked. Many times even while living in the same place, people are not able to know what secret is hidden in a corner of their house.

Something similar happened with a couple. The couple was getting their house repaired. Meanwhile, they found something under the bathtub which they had not even expected. The husband and wife were surprised to see this and wondered what this whole mystery was and how did they not know it till now?

The secret hidden under the bathtub
Michigan couple Hayley Gilmartin and her husband Trevor live near Lake Huron. They were renovating their house when they saw a Jacuzzi (a kind of bathtub) in their house, which they wanted to remove. However, what they saw underneath after removing it was shocking. When they looked underneath, there was a large room filled with water. It was quite scary and strange but the couple showed courage and decided to go inside it.

long tunnel found
The couple dived into the water tunnel present here and reached its other end. Then they came to know that it is actually a long tunnel, one end of which goes to the lake. They were thinking that it must have been used for smuggling, but they came to know that similar tunnels are also there in the houses of people living in the nearby houses. The couple says that they also want to remove a wall present here, so that they can use this place to make a game room.

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