The goat climbed a 30 meter tower, experts were surprised how it did this, then it had to be rescued!

Animals sometimes do surprising things. Climbing a rugged mountain is very difficult for humans, while for animals it seems impossible to even think about it. But a goat managed to climb a 100 feet high water tower, due to which the rescue team is surprised as to how this animal climbed to such a height. It was impossible for that goat to get down safely after climbing. Therefore, a rescue operation had to be carried out to save it.

The goat was rescued from the top of a 30-metre tower near Greencastle on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland, having spent the weekend atop the tower. The animal is believed to be around eight or nine months old, and had a fractured hind leg, although it is unclear whether the steep climb caused the injury.

Kevin McGinley, superintendent inspector at the Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ISPCA, rescued the goat, which is now being cared for at the ISPCA rehabilitation centre near Ramelton. McGinley said he hopes the goat will be returned to its owners or a good home will be found for it.

“Work begins today … to find out if this goat has an owner and obviously we will have to speak to the owner in this regard. If not, the ISPCA will be carefully monitoring all applications to rehome the goat going forward,” he said.

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