The girl was about to celebrate her 20th birthday, suddenly she had severe stomach pain, the baby’s head came out as soon as she went to the bathroom, then…

The feeling of becoming a mother is the most beautiful for any woman in this world. But not everyone gets the happiness of it. So there are many women who are not ready for this, so they look for the option of abortion in the beginning itself. But many such cases come in front of us, where the woman is not aware of being pregnant. In such a situation, pregnancy comes as a surprise for her with sudden delivery. One such incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media, knowing about which you will also be surprised.

The incident is from Britain, where a 20-year-old girl was unaware of her pregnancy. When she suddenly got labour pain at night, she felt normal stomach pain. She immediately ran to the bathroom, where she gave birth to a son. The name of this girl is Jess Davis, who was preparing to celebrate her 20th birthday, just a day before that she became a mother. You will be surprised to know, but let us tell you that Jess did not even once suspect during her pregnancy that a child was growing in her womb. During pregnancy, when her stomach used to ache, she used to think it was period cramps.

When we investigated this whole viral matter, we found out that it was from the year 2022. Then Jess was a second year student at the University of Southampton. When she had a stomach ache at night, she went to the bathroom to potty. She was groaning in pain, but could not understand what was happening. She kept sitting on the toilet seat. While sitting, she gave birth to a baby weighing about two and a half kilos. Sharing her experience, Jess said that my periods never came on time. In such a situation, I stopped taking it seriously.

Even during pregnancy, she felt that there was some problem with her periods. So she took some medicines. Some time before pregnancy, she had also changed her hormonal medicines. Her belly did not grow much during pregnancy. So she considered the little belly that grew out to be obesity. But one night she felt severe pain and went to the bathroom. There she gave birth to the child. Jess called it the most surprising moment of her life. She said that initially I thought it was a dream.

Jess said that when I had stomach pain at midnight, I was not able to even get up. Then I felt the urgency to go to the bathroom. Somehow I dragged myself to the bathroom. I sat on the seat. Then it felt as if something burst. When I looked down, I could see the baby’s head. Immediately she grabbed the baby’s head and pulled it out. Moaning in pain, Jess was not able to understand what to do next. In such a situation, she called her friend, who admitted Jess and her child to the hospital.

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