The girl told the rent of a 1 BHK house in this city, everyone was shocked to hear it! She said- ‘Keep it in good terms with your parents…’

Nowadays, people working in big cities have so many difficulties in getting a house on rent that many times they feel that if they were living in a small city, they would not have to face so many problems. Recently, a girl shared her experience of renting a house in Mumbai which surprised everyone. She told that 1 BHK (1 BHK flat rent in Mumbai) houses are very expensive in Mumbai. Because of this, she advised people to maintain good relations with their parents and not live away from home in the pursuit of becoming independent, so that they can save money.

Twitter user @kebabandcoke is a lawyer. She revealed the rent of a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai (Girl tell 1 BHK flat rent in Mumbai viral post). Everyone knows that Mumbai is a very expensive city, but perhaps not many people would know that it is this expensive. The girl wrote- “1 BHK is available in Mumbai for 50-70 thousand. Maintain good relations with your parents brother. There is no need to run away from home to become independent!”

1 bhk flat for rent in mumbai

The girl’s post is going viral. (Photo: Twitter/@kebabandcoke)

People expressed surprise
Those who live in Delhi-NCR might find this rate even more expensive because in many areas of Noida or Delhi, a 1 BHK flat can be easily found for up to Rs 15,000. However, the rent in areas like Malviya Nagar, Greater Kailash, Jor Bagh will be very expensive. People were surprised to hear this from the girl. But then they also advised her to look for cheaper areas.

The post is going viral
This post has received more than 1 lakh views while many people have given their reactions by commenting. One said that 1 BHK can be found in Malad-Goregaon for 25 thousand or less. One said that 1 BHK can be found in Bhayander and Virar between 12 thousand to 15 thousand. One said that there are many cheap areas as well. The girl also commented on the advice of the people and said- “Please do not give me knowledge and location advice, I have been living here for 6 years, have seen and changed many houses.”

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