The girl lives in a live-in relationship with a married man, he is 20 years younger than her, she wants to get married but a problem has arisen!

Nowadays, living in a live-in relationship has become quite common. A big reason for this is that people do not want to be tied in the bonds of marriage. They want openness and freedom in life. Everyone has their own reasons, which you cannot limit to the realm of right or wrong. However, many people also want to get married, but if they fall in love with someone who does not want to get married, then a problem arises for them. A similar problem arose for a girl (Girl live-in relationship with married man), who lives in a live-in relationship with a man 20 years older than her. She asked people for advice on what she should do now.

Instagram user Vanita Rawat is a content creator. Recently she posted a video in which she mentioned a problem related to her life and then asked for advice from people. She told that she loves a person but is unable to marry him because that person is not ready for marriage. The reason given by the person is also justified. Let us explain the whole matter to you.

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