The door to ‘Patal’ was found in the garage, the boy climbed down the stairs, found something inside, was stunned!

We know about some places but there are some places which we find just like that. Sometimes we see something in them which is beyond imagination. A person found something similar near an old garage. When he tried to explore it, the view inside was such that he was shocked. Let us show you the video of this incident.

Sometimes in life you find some things that you never thought of. The only condition is that you have to show some courage for it. A boy did the same and what he found was beyond imagination. Who would have thought that there would be vehicles worth lakhs in a small tunnel.

The boy found the way to ‘Patal’!
In the viral video, you can see that a boy is present in an old garage. He opens the door of a box-like place there. Inside, he sees a tunnel, as if it is going towards the underworld. The boy goes down without any fear, where he sees a street with brick walls. When he goes further down, an old car comes in front of him. While he is looking at it, he sees a line of other cars behind him, which were very expensive cars of their time. These are classic Mercedes cars, which can be sold at a good price in the market even today.

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