The couple was fishing, something got stuck in the hook, luck shone suddenly, they became rich!

You must have heard stories of many people who won the lottery and became rich in a jiffy. However, to become rich it is not necessary to win the lottery, sometimes money reaches us by any means. You get huge wealth from a place where you have not even imagined.

It is said that if a person’s luck is good, it makes him rich in a jiffy. Something similar happened with an American couple. This story is very interesting. The incident is from New York, where the couple had gone to catch fish in a lake. However, when they reached home, they did not get fish but something that made them rich.

‘luck’ stuck in a fish hook
According to The Guardian report, the couple threw a magnet attached to a fishing rod into the lake. The next moment, they found the hook to be very heavy. When they quickly pulled it up, they found an iron safe stuck in it instead of a fish. They quickly opened the safe and found bundles of notes in a plastic bag inside it. It is a different matter that these notes were wet.

The person who found the safe, his money
Although the couple contacted the New York Police in this matter, the police allowed them to keep all the money. The police say that the thief might have thrown it in the lake out of fear of getting caught. This couple named James Kane and Barbie Agostini had found such safes in the lake earlier also, but they were empty. Apart from this, they have found a grenade from the time of World War II and 6-7 old guns. They started fishing with magnets to get rid of boredom but they are getting good profit from it.

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