The buffalo got angry on the queen of the jungle, had attacked its friend, then it lifted it in the air and threw it like this, all the pride went out!

Friendship is considered the biggest blessing of anyone’s life. It is said that friendship is the greatest wealth of man. The one who has this wealth can come out of the worst times. A wildlife video is currently going viral on social media, which shows this very thing.

If lion is the king of the jungle and is known for his hunting ability then lionesses are also no less. She often does this work of hunting for her herd. In the video going viral, a lioness was also trying to hunt a buffalo but what happened to her will surprise you.

Buffalo taught the lioness a lesson
In the video you can see that the lioness had made a wild buffalo her prey and did not even leave it to get up. The lioness was preparing to tear it to pieces and eat it, when another wild buffalo sees it and reaches there. Then he took no time in attacking the lioness. She picked up the lioness with her horns and threw her. He did this not once but two-three times. After being beaten, the condition of the lioness worsened and she immediately ran away from there.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 13, 2024, 13:38 IST

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